Top 20 Reasons Why Do Guys Cheat Instead Of Breaking Up

Here’s a blog post to help you make sense of what’s happening in relationships! Why do guys cheat instead of breaking up?

Everyone in a relationship has experienced the heartbreak of betrayal. Some of us have been lucky enough to avoid it, but not everyone is that fortunate.

Maybe it was a lost friendship, an affair, or infidelity that left you wondering what went wrong and if there’s any hope for the future.

Or maybe you’re going through a breakup right now because your partner cheated on you… It’s difficult to know where to start when faced with these situations and how to make sense of things.

This blog post will cover some top 20 reasons why guys cheat instead of breaking up and what should be done after discovering that your guy had been unfaithful (or, as some would say, “the cheater”).

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Top 20 Reasons Why Do Guys Cheat Instead Of Breaking Up

I’ll review a list of top 20 reasons men cheat instead of breaking up. Cheating is one of the most common ways that people cheat. Many women cheat as well, but not as often as men do.

Top 20 Reasons Why Do Guys Cheat Instead Of Breaking Up:

1. Unattractive Partner

People tend to stray when they lose attraction to their partners. They might be too busy, stressed, or just not interested in their partner anymore.

2. Sexless Marriage

This is usually the biggest reason why someone cheats on his or her spouse. A sexless marriage can lead to resentment and frustration within the relationship.

3. Not Enough Time For Each Other

The lack of time together might make you feel insecure, lonely, and unhappy within your relationship. A couple has to have time alone together if they want to have a fulfilling relationship that goes the distance and lasts forever.

Why Do Guys Cheat Instead Of Breaking Up
Why Do Guys Cheat Instead Of Breaking Up

4. Feeling Stifled

A young couple might feel stifled within their marriage when they’re not allowed to express their feelings or desires.

5. Affairs Exist None The Less

An affair doesn’t have to mean a relationship is over. If you’re in an open relationship, it’s a commonplace for people to still be intimate with their partner, even if they don’t sleep with them. 

6. Insecure Attachment Style Problems

Attachment Styles are one of the most important things that everyone should know about successful relationships and sexual intimacy and how it affects your sex life and relationships in general.

People who have insecure attachment issues will often cheat on their partner because they don’t know how to express emotions without doing anything drastic like cheating.

7. Lack Of Passionate Relationship

Passion and lust are a big part of human relationships. Passion is what makes people bond in the first place and keeps them together after the initial honeymoon phase has ended.

Many relationships may lack passion because of daily routine and other things that people have to deal with on a daily basis. The lack of passion should be addressed before it results in cheating

8. Infatuation With Their Partner’s Friends

One of the most common reasons people cheat is an infatuation with their partner’s friends. This can cause a lot of jealousy and jealousy issues that lead to cheating anyway.

9. Over-Dependence On Their Partner

Men will often have a dependency on their partner; they’ll put them at the top of their priority list and support them in every way possible, including financially, physically, and emotionally. This can cause feelings of abandonment or resentment within relationships.

10. Low Self-Esteem

Someone who has low self-esteem will often choose to cheat on their partner because they don’t feel good enough to be with them.

11. Manipulation

A cheater might try to manipulate their partner into staying in the relationship by cheating on them because they think their partner won’t leave if there’s a risk of STDs, etc.

12. They Want Attention

They might want attention from other people or even just validation that they’re desirable and sexually attractive.  This is one of the most common reasons people cheat on their partners and in relationships.

13. They’re Bored

A bored person can often be very creative in their ways of finding attention. A guy might cheat on a woman out of boredom with the relationship. 

14. They Want To Protect Their Partner

After some time, usually, after years, if someone is with someone you love and care about, you’d do anything for them to keep them in your life.

This can make someone feel really guilty when they realize that their partner had cheated on them instead of going through the divorce process as one should in these situations.

15. The Person Doesn’t Intimidate Or Scare Them

A person who has low self-esteem will often cheat because they feel like it isn’t worth the risk of being alone or living life without their partner. When a person feels that way, they will often choose to cheat instead of going through an uncomfortable divorce process.

16. They Don’t Want To Be Responsible For Your Emotions

If someone doesn’t want to be responsible for your emotions, they won’t care if you’re having an affair. They’d rather stay in their comfort zone and not take any consequences while you’re going through a very difficult time in your life. These types of people would rather stay on the sidelines and watch you break down.

17. They Want to Keep You Around

This is another reason why people cheat. They want to keep the person that they love in their life. When someone doesn’t want you out of their life, they might cheat on you to keep you around.

18. Sexual Or Physical Abuse

A person who has been physically or sexually abused will often either commit suicide or find other ways to escape the pain that they’re feeling inside. These people will often choose to cheat as a simple way out of their problems and escape from their pain as much as possible.

19. They Want You To Know That You Can Leave The Relationship

Sometimes people cheat on a person in a very serious relationship to let them know that they don’t want to be with them anymore.  This is the most common reason why people cheat on their partners.

20. They Weren’t Appreciated Or Felt Respected

If someone doesn’t feel appreciated or respected, they will often find another person who will offer these things to them in some form or fashion. Every human being wants and needs to be understood and feel wanted by someone else, regardless of whether it’s romantic or not.

What Should You Do When Your Guys Cheat Instead Of Breaking Up?

So, you found out your boyfriend cheated on you, and now you’re wondering if there’s any hope for your relationship. Well! I’m going to tell you how to recover from infidelity.

If you are ever cheated on in the future (and trust me, it’s going to happen again), here’s what I recommend for yourself: 

1) Don’t Overreact

Most people get very emotional/upset when they find out that their partner has been unfaithful, but that is not necessarily a healthy reaction. It is not healthy to go around hysterical about being cheated on. Please don’t do that.

2)  Accept The Truth

The truth is, infidelity almost always happens with some degree of repetition, and it is unlikely that these two people are going to change their ways now just because the first time has gotten them in trouble. The two of you will have to put in the work to rebuild trust, which can’t happen overnight.

3) Remember

The person who cheated on you is more likely than not a good person with a good heart just like you. This means that they will do anything in their power to make things right again and will probably be willing to work with you to repair your relationship.

4) Don’t Make The Same Mistake In The Future

Don’t make the same mistake as before. If you find out that your boyfriend or husband has cheated on you again, don’t post any pictures online (like on Facebook), and don’t go around telling people about it. That isn’t going to help you in any way. 

5) Don’t Play The Blame Game

It’s easy to blame the person who cheated on you instead of looking at your role in the situation. If you are looking for someone to take the blame for what happened, please realize that it might not be appropriate for this particular situation.

5) Don’t Try To Figure Out Who Is At Fault

The only thing that is especially important is that you and your boyfriend or husband work together to make your relationship work.

If you want to blame the other party, that’s fine, but the key is that you must learn to trust him again. You don’t make things right by taking a stance of indifference against what has happened.

6) Don’t Blame Yourself

If you feel like it was your fault or your boyfriend’s fault, or if you want to blame yourself for one reason or another, that’s perfectly normal – but it doesn’t mean you should let it get in the way of making things better. Don’t let yourself think that this incident is irreparable and permanently damaging.

7) Communication Is Important

One of the most important pieces of advice that anyone who has been cheated on can give is to talk about it. Don’t let yourself get caught up in the moment and make your boyfriend or husband leave; instead, sit down and have a conversation about what happened, how you feel about it, and what will happen next.

8) Get Some Help

In any case, where there is infidelity involved, I always recommend getting some help. Usually, this means talking to a professional therapist who specializes in infidelity cases.

This will keep things from spiraling out of control as quickly as they could have just because you have no idea what you’re doing at the time.

9)  Don’t Give Up On A Relationship That’s Breaking Down

Don’t give up on your relationship and start trying to force things to work. Sometimes the relationship is broken beyond repair, but sometimes it can be saved. There is always hope for a relationship to work better in the future. That’s why I usually tell people just not to give up.

However, you have to take care of yourself first and face what you need to face first in order for that relationship to work again.

10) Be Patient

Sometimes relationships can be saved, even when they appear hopeless or broken beyond repair at first glance. Relationships are difficult, especially when you have kids and other problems. Give yourself time, and don’t make any rash decisions about breaking up that you might regret later.

11) Don’t Consider Yourself A Victim

You may have been cheated on, or your boyfriend or husband has been cheating on you for some time now without you knowing about it. In this case, you probably feel cheated on by them or like a victim of the situation; but if this is the case, please don’t ever let yourself consider yourself a victim in this situation. You can still get through it and eventually build something for the future that is better for everyone involved.

12) Don’t Ever Consider Suicide

Don’t ever let yourself feel so depressed over what happened that you have to consider suicide. If you are deeply depressed and believe that your life is worthless without your partner, please get help immediately.

Don’t let yourself kill yourself just because your partner cheated on you, especially if it was just a one-time incident. Please think about what I’m saying here.

13) Don’t Try To Get Back At Your Partner

If you want revenge for being cheated on, please think twice about it before trying to get back at your boyfriend or husband. It will not solve anything, and it might even worsen things. Please don’t do it.

14) Don’t Get Involved In An Affair Yourself

If you start getting involved with someone else, that could end your current relationship. In this case, you would have been cheating on your boyfriend or husband, and you would have been breaking another person’s heart in the process. Please don’t do that to anyone else, and please don’t do it to yourself either.

15) Don’t Get Involved With Someone Else Too Quickly

It’s not a good idea to jump into a relationship with someone else right after finding out that your partner cheated on you. I have seen countless cases where people have become involved with someone else before they have worked through what happened with their relationship.

Please don’t do this and think that you are just a good person. Please consider all of the facts before you get involved with someone else again in the wake of your partner cheating on you.

Should I Stay If He Cheated?

And finally, the final question people ask is, “Should I stay with my boyfriend or husband if he cheated?” This is a very difficult situation to deal with. You might have many thoughts about what you should do, and you also might want to consider all of your actual options. So let’s look at some factors you should consider as part of your decision-making process:

1) Are You In Love Or Just Having Fun?

If you are in love, that is the only thing that matters. If he cheated and maybe lied about it, too, then it’s time for the two of you to get help and work through this situation together.

If you aren’t sure what you feel, then I would suggest talking to someone else and seeing where this leads. If you are having fun, there’s no reason to get involved.

2) Have You Given Him A Chance?

I understand why this one is always a tough one because it’s easy to want answers and decide that he should have done things differently or that the situation would be different if only he had done certain things differently. Did he give you a chance?

Did he tell you how he felt about the relationship? Did he show his commitment? These questions and more will determine whether or not things can work out in the future.

3) Has He Changed?

The next thing that you need to look at is whether or not he has changed. In most cases, cheating happens if there are certain things in the relationship that aren’t working out. If he didn’t change, then that is something that should be brought up and possibly changed if you both want to make this relationship work.

4) Can You Trust Him?

If you can’t trust him anymore, no matter what kind of good excuses he says about things happening in the past, then I would say it’s time for you to move on. You need to trust the person you are with, especially if you have kids and your life is involved in this relationship.

5) Are Your Needs Met?

The next thing that you need to think about is whether or not your needs are met. If they aren’t, I would suggest thinking about what you really want out of the next partner you get involved with.

If your needs aren’t met, then he may not be the right guy for you, and it’s time for you to find someone to meet them.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, there are many reasons your boyfriend or husband might have cheated on you. I understand that this is a difficult thing to go through, and I also know that it appears to be something that should never happen. But it’s still a reality for many people in the world today.

I know that all of us have made mistakes in the past, and maybe some of us have cheated at one point or another in our lives. However, if cheating was something that we did once and we were able to make things better afterward, then it’s important to remember how much work it takes for these situations to get better.

Maybe you have been through a difficult time, and it may not seem like the right time for you to be dating someone again. But know that your boyfriend or husband will eventually work through it, and things will get better for all of you in the end.

Good luck. I hope this helps, and please share this with all of your friends if you found it helpful!


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