Why Does She Want My Attention: 10 Signs She Wants Your Attention

Why does she want my attention? Men are often puzzled by the behavior of women. They wonder why she wants their attention, why she doesn’t want to talk or share how she feels, and what they should do about it.

When a woman is trying to give a man a sign that she likes him, but he can’t seem to figure out what’s going on because there’s no verbal communication, there may be non-verbal signs that will tell you if this person wants your attention or not.

Why Does She Want My Attention?

There are a number of reasons why she might want your attention

  • She may be unsure about you and wants to know more about who you are
  • She may want to get closer to you but doesn’t know how or is too shy
  • She could be feeling lonely and needs companionship from someone new
  • She may have feelings for you that she’s been trying to hide from herself
  • It could also just be the thrill of the chase – some women like the thrill of getting a guy’s attention and then deciding whether they’re interested in him or not
  • You could be an attractive guy who’s come into her life, perhaps at the right place and time for things to evolve
  • She may like you but is too shy or afraid of rejection to take it any further
  • She may want to have fun with you – take a look at Dating Games  for more about why she might want to play these games with you
  • You could also be misreading the signals, and she may not like you at all
  • She’s probably totally unaware of your existence, but don’t let that stop you from having fun yourself!

This list is endless because there are so many different reasons why a woman may want your attention.

10 Signs She Wants Your Attention:

Women will only behave towards men in certain ways when they are attracted to them. They’re more likely to display behaviour that will attract attention because it gets the man’s attention which is what she wants.

10 Signs She Wants Your Attention:

1. She stares at you when you’re not looking

When women have a strong attraction towards a man, they tend to look at him even when he’s not looking in their direction. They may stare at him with a fixed gaze or look up and quickly glance away, so it looks like she was checking out something else. This can be a sign that she wants to check out his body and is interested in him.

2. She tries to look good when she knows you’ll be around

A woman who likes a man will often try to look attractive and dress nicely when she’s going to see him or if he’s about to arrive at the same place as her, such as wearing makeup and dressing up a little bit more than normal. Even if she doesn’t really care about looking good for other people, she’s likely to do it when you’re around because she knows that you’ll notice the difference and appreciate the effort.

3. She stares into your eyes without blinking

When women look into men’s eyes, they tend to try and hold the gaze for as long as possible. However, women who are not interested will often look away or glaze over when staring into his eyes because she’s looking for an excuse to break off eye contact.

4. She smiles at you all the time, even when other people are around

When a woman likes a man, she will be more likely to smile at him because it makes her happy just thinking about him. She may also laugh a lot when talking with him and not be as shy as women who are not interested in you.

5. She tries to talk to you even if she’s nervous or scared of rejection

Women who like a man will be more confident around him and try to talk with him even if she’s nervous about it because she wants to share how much she likes him. She may also feel brave enough to flirt with him, tease him or ask for his phone number when they have just met.

Why does she want my attention
Why does she want my attention

6. She tries to get close to you

A woman who wants to talk to a man may try to move closer or lean towards him, so she feels more comfortable when they are standing close together. She may also try to position her body sideways instead of the face on so she can look at his face without turning her head.

7. When you stop talking, she’s more likely to try and restart the conversation again

A woman who is interested in you will often want to converse more with you because it makes her feel happy or connected with you. Even if you stop talking, she may be more likely to follow up with a question about something related to what you were just talking about so you can carry on the conversation.

8. She tries to touch you without being too obvious about it

When women like men, they will want to touch them more often because it makes them feel connected or happy when they see him. For example, if she’s standing next to him with a drink in each of their hands, she may try to accidentally brush her hand against his or grab him by the elbow when talking with you.

9. She plays with her hair while talking to you, even if it’s not long enough to play with

A woman who likes a man will often play with her hair while talking to him because it makes her feel girly and happy. Even if her hair is short or she’s not naturally good at doing it, she may fiddle with it while talking to him because she wants him to notice the effort and appreciate that she made an effort for him.

10. She tries to be as close as possible when standing together, even if other people are around

A woman who wants to be closer to a man will often try to position herself as close as possible without being too obvious about it. For example, she may stand slightly in front of him, so he’s forced to either sidestep behind her or put his arm around her back when talking with him.


Women are more likely to do things they’re not usually inclined to when they like a man. If you notice any of these signs, it may be worth your time and energy to start talking with her or initiating conversation.

Your efforts will show that she’s important enough for you to put in the extra work and effort- which can often lead to something meaningful as well!

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