Wife Weight Gain Story: Best Tips For You

Most people are in a situation where their spouse has gained weight. This can be difficult to cope with but is not impossible. Here’s my wife weight gain story and what I did to cope with it.

Background: My wife weight gain story starts with my marriage. It was a very simple ceremony. We had no prenuptial agreement, so I knew nothing of her weight before the marriage.

It was my first marriage; she weighed about 200 lbs, I knew she had issues with weight, and I agreed to marry her as long as she could lose a couple of pounds. I am on the heavier side weighing approximately 250 lbs.

At first, it was very hard for me to cope with her weight, but eventually, it got easier because we started understanding how each other felt. Her family still finds it difficult to cope, but they understand despite their difficulties.

I could not cope with her weight before marriage and only tried to ignore it. She had a long history of diabetes that I was aware of. We understand each other’s difficulties and appreciate each other for the strong individuals we are.

Do Married Couples Gain Weight?

Yes, it is normal for married couples to gain weight. We hear a lot about newly married couples and those still dating. I am discussing my wife’s weight gain story from a married couple’s perspective. From this point, I will refer to her as H and I as A.

My opinion is that most married individuals gain weight because they get comfortable with their spouses and begin eating unhealthy food.

After marriage, one usually doesn’t care about his/her looks, so they just eat whatever they want even though they know it is unhealthy. H and I are no exception. We have gained a bit of weight since our marriage but are working hard to lose it.

Is It Normal To Gain Weight After Getting Married?

Yes, it is normal for individuals to gain weight after getting married. It is very normal for couples to start eating unhealthy foods when they move in together.

After marriage, there are no restrictions. You can eat whatever you want. Couples just don’t take care of their bodies if they know it will not affect their spouse’s health.

Wife Weight Gain Story
Wife Weight Gain Story

The best way to cope with this situation is to learn about healthy-weight tips that your spouse can follow and share the same knowledge with him or her.

Why Do Girls’ Weight Increase After Marriage?

There are many reasons why girls’ weight increases after marriage. Usually, wives rely on their husbands to take care of them. They depend on their husbands to provide healthy foods and develop bad eating habits.

Many times they get so used to eating unhealthy foods that they refuse to eat healthy food. H is a very good example. Before I married her, she was fit and healthy, but after our wedding, she began gaining weight because she began eating unhealthy food for every meal.

On the other hand, there are some women who have a very difficult time dealing with the fact that their bodies have changed from before the marriage. They have always had the same body size and cannot cope with the changes. These women tend to eat unhealthy foods.

H has a bit of both problem. We know that it will be difficult for her to lose weight, but we are trying our best to help her. She is resistant to changing her diet but realizes that she is gaining too much weight, and we are here to support her.

Why Do Women’s Bodies Change After Marriage?

It is very normal for couples who get married to gain weight. Usually, they begin eating whatever they want and take care of themselves less because they do not want their spouse’s health to be affected.

Even if they know that their weight is increasing, they still do not take care of themselves. My wife’s weight gain story began when we got married, and she became comfortable with her daily routine.

She began eating lots of fast food and didn’t take care of herself just because she had a secure income from our jobs.

Wives gain weight after marriage because they are in a secure relationship. They are more relaxed in their daily lives, so they do whatever they want, even though it is unhealthy.

They eat whatever they want, whenever they want. This was the case for H until I pointed out to her that she was gaining weight and needed to change her diet if we were going to have children.

Does Sperm Help To Gain Weight?

It is often said that sperm helps you to gain weight. This is not true in most cases, but there are a few exceptions. There are many people who gain weight after marriage because their spouse has a history of diabetes, and they have been trying for children for a long time. It is also normal for couples to gain weight after marriage if they are trying for children.

I am not sure why this happens, but it is normal. We did nothing special and have been trying to have kids for the last year, so that is probably why we gained some weight.

H has begun developing symptoms of diabetes, but she hasn’t been diagnosed, possibly because she has lost some weight.

Where Do Females Gain Weight First?

When I asked H about her weight gain, she told me that she had gained weight in her thighs and stomach. She also said that losing weight was difficult because she eats unhealthy food and does not exercise most of the time.

I have noticed that most females gain weight in their stomach, arms and thighs. It is usually hard for females to lose belly fat unless they do special exercises such as crunches.

Wife Weight Gain Story: Best Tips For You

1. Don’t Be Negative

It is best to avoid being negative. Try to support your spouse and help him/her achieve their weight loss goals, even if you have your own health goals.

2. Encourage Your Partner To Go For A Walk With You

If you walk together, you will not only be spending time together but also helping each other lose weight. My wife understands this, and I am trying my best to encourage her. We can spend some time reading books or discussing our relationship.

In the process, we get some exercise in our daily routine. This way, we can ensure that we both lose weight at a steady pace while enjoying a healthy relationship with each other.

3. Visit A Special Dietician

I have found a special dietician for my wife H. She has a very difficult time losing weight even when she has learned about healthy-weight tips.

Females are often reluctant to see a dietician because they do not want to admit that something is wrong with the way they eat, but it is essential for them to see a specialist if their weight is increasing rapidly, even if it is due to non-healthy reasons.

Sometimes you simply need to learn how to cook healthy food and avoid being lazy with your diet, which usually increases the number of calories you consume each day and results in weight gain.

4. Visit A Nutritionist

Nutrition specialists are very well aware of healthy-weight tips and can help you improve your diet by finding out what you eat and how to prepare healthy food.

It is much more difficult for a specialist to find out that you have been eating fast food because your spouse has been trying to lose weight with unhealthy-food tips.

5. Tell Your Partner That You Are Doing Something About Your Weight Gain

It is very important for a couple who is trying to lose weight, especially if this is going on rapidly, to tell their spouse about it. The partner needs to know what is going on and why. This way he/she will be able to help you and offer you support.

6. Do Not Treat Yourself To Junk Food

The most important thing is not to eat junk food as it makes you gain weight rapidly but also because it makes it harder for your spouse to lose weight.

Fast food is not good for human health in general but can be especially dangerous when trying to lose weight. I am very lucky because my wife has not had the desire to eat fast food since she realized that she was gaining weight.

7. Do Not Be Lazy About Exercise

When you start dieting, you often lose motivation to get your body in shape. This is a common occurrence, and it is hard to re-engage with your routine if your partner notices that things are not going well. Losing weight and keeping it off requires that you are conscious about what you eat and take care of yourself physically.

It does not matter if you go for a run or do yoga for 10 minutes every day; these activities will help to keep your body in shape, as long as they are practiced regularly.

8. Learn How To Cook Healthy Food

My wife H has learned to cook her own food, and we are eating healthy. My wife is the worst person in the kitchen, so I must admit that when I suggested she learn to cook her own food, it took a lot of convincing.

In the end, she realized that if she were going to change her diet, it would be easier for her to do this on her own. She does not like my cooking, so she only eats what I have prepared, but at least now we are eating healthy.

It was hard for us at first, as both of us needed some time to get used to our new diet plan, but eventually, it became part of our daily routine, and we ended up loving it. We have lost weight at a steady pace, and our relationship has improved because we can talk about the things on our minds.

9. Find Calorie Counting Apps For Smartphones

It is important that both of you know how many calories you consume, especially when you join a program that requires it. In this way, you will be able to avoid eating too much or being lazy with your diet.

The easiest way is to download an app specially designed for this purpose, such as MyFitnessPal. This app was specifically designed for mobile phones, and it can be used to count calories, so it is easy to use.

10. Eat Healthy Diet Plan

It is very important that you learn how to cook healthy food, but it is also very important that you follow your healthy diet, which can be done by eating low-calorie foods at all times and counting your calories accordingly.

It is not a good idea to overeat as this will result in rapid weight gain. You should always eat slowly to know exactly what is happening with your body.

The best way to determine the number of carbohydrates and proteins in your daily meals is by using a calorie counting app, such as MyFitnessPal or Calorie Counter.

The Bottom Line

Losing weight is a very difficult process for both men and women. Losing weight while engaging in a healthy-weight program can be very challenging, but it is essential if you want to remain healthy.

I would like to emphasize the importance of telling your partner that things are not going well and why they are not going well. I think this will make things easier for both of you and help you both make a common decision about how to get back on track with your weight loss goals.

This way, you can ensure that you do not lose weight because of laziness or lack of motivation but because you value your health and relationship with your partner more than anything else.


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