Would You Give Up Social Media For A Healthy Relationship?

Would you give up social media for a healthy relationship? I’ve been using social media for about ten years now, and it has changed my life in many ways.

I use it to contact friends and family, find jobs and opportunities, or just make myself laugh when things get tough. But is all of this worth the risk? Social Media can be addicting – we always want more likes on our posts, which leads to us posting more often than necessary.

It also makes us feel as if we need to follow what other people are doing because they may have something that we don’t know about yet.

The best solution would be to unplug from your phone or computer for a while so that you can focus on yourself and the important people in your life.

Unplugging from social media may sound like an easy task – but it’s actually harder than you think. That is why I decided to unplug for just one day and see if my relationships improved.

Reason Why Would You Give Up Social Media For A Healthy Relationship:

1. Social media is addicting

It feels rewarding: When we get likes and comments on social media, it feels good. But the problem is that we expect something back in return for putting our whole life online.

2. Social media creates a lot of FOMO (fear of missing out)

Checking social media is fun, and I do it often. But I know that it makes me feel sadder about missing out on stuff that my friends are doing, rather than happy for all the awesome things going on in their lives.

Would You Give Up Social Media For A Healthy Relationship
Would You Give Up Social Media For A Healthy Relationship

3. Social media is a distraction

It takes away from our interactions with people and the environment around us – whether we’re behind a computer or phone screen or in the real world.

4. Social media makes us more self-conscious

We often compare ourselves to other people’s highlight reel, which causes us to feel inadequate and unhappy with our own lives. We may even go through the cycle of constantly taking pictures of ourselves, getting upset about what we see in the pictures, and then taking more pictures the next day to feel better about ourselves.

5. Social media can numb us

Using social media often numbs our emotions, so we don’t have to deal with things immediately – whether it’s a breakup or a fight with a friend – it allows us to put off dealing with our feelings.

6. Social media has changed the way we communicate

We use social media to share our lives with each other but often forget how to actually talk to each other in person. We’ve become so reliant on social media that it can be difficult for us to function without it.

So What Happened When I Unplugged From Social Media?

I realized that social media isn’t the real world. It makes us feel like we need it to connect with each other, but there are people I want to talk to every day that doesn’t live on my phone or computer screen – and those people make life worthwhile.

I realized that people who get more likes on their social media posts are probably not happier than me. Social media only shows us the good parts of our friends’ lives (and sometimes censors the bad parts) because it doesn’t want to make us feel bad about ourselves.

I realize that no one owes another person their time or attention. It was liberating to realize that I don’t have to spend hours scrolling through social media if it isn’t making me happy.

I realized that most of my feelings were caused by outside sources, which led me to be more rational about my own life and the lives of others around me.

The only true way to make lasting relationships is to focus on the people we care about and talk with.

I realized that I don’t want to be constantly updating my life story for other people – what happens in my life is special and something worth sharing, but there are times when it isn’t. So I’m going to reserve those stories for the people who I’m close to and love instead of keeping them on a device.

The Real World is better than Social Media

It turns out that having fun with other people in person is much more rewarding than social media could ever be. Real-life interactions are what make our lives worthwhile – both the hard times and the good ones.

Real World is better than Social Media

I realized that I don’t care about what other people are doing – which means that I don’t need to know every time someone makes a sandwich or goes for a run. Instead, I can focus on living my own life in a way that makes me happy.

What Other People Are Doing Doesn’t Affect Me?

Taking a break from social media also helped me realize that other people’s lives aren’t as perfect as they seem. They post the good parts of their day and edit out the bad ones – but if I think about it, what I see on their profiles is basically a highlight reel.

I realized that social media often causes me to compare my life with other people’s, which makes me feel bad about myself or inadequate. It turns out that this is a waste of time – the only thing I can control is how I live my own life and what kind of person I want to be.


Social media has become an integral part of the way we communicate, but it can have many negative consequences on our mental health. We’ve also created a false sense of reality by believing that people are happier when they get more likes on social media posts or if their pictures receive more comments.

Unplugging from social media for some time each day will not only make you feel better about your life, but it may also even help you be less reliant on technology in general. So set that timer and go out to do something fun with the people who are important in your life.


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